4 Benefits of Having A Blog

benefit of having a blog

1. Higher rank on search engine.

The more keywords written on our website, the higher chance it would appear on search engine when people search it. Start with the commonly searched words before elaborating them into articles. Achieving high SEO score is a long-term project that might result on permanent ads. High SEO score might cut the advertisement budget by 30-70%.

2. Share traffic with other websites

By placing a backlink on a blog, we can share traffic with other websites. Backlink is a website link that we get from another site when they attach our URL on their blog. With a blog we could mutually attach links to other websites and share traffic to each other with testimonies and affiliate marketing.

3. Answer the repetitive questions

Save our time for customer service, let the customers read the answer they are looking for on our blog. That way we could provide more detailed answers with better persuasion, instead of replying them shortly in real time live chat. We could redirect them to the answers simply by copy-pasting the URL.

4. Gain Authority

Not only does a blog give value to our services, but also show our expertizement. With a blog we could break the projects down into details and gain trust from customers. The more personal our writings, the more people value us as a real person instead of a sole service worker. People love to work as long-term trustworthy partners with experts of their fields. With a blog, we could obtain both trust in competence and trust in person.

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Fauzan Zahid

Graduated from Philosophy and Labor Economics of Universitas Indonesia; Currently works as Editor-in-Chief and Arabic Translator of PT. Philoshop Digital Partner.