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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start?

The basic requirements for a website are domain name and hosting server. You can purchase the domain name on godaddy.com or namecheap.com or whatever domain providers that you like. For hosting, you can use our unlimited shared hosting for free forever.

How much does a website cost?

WordPress site varies between $99-$200, and JAMstack site varies between $300-$10,000. The main factors are the difficulty, the module/page quantity, the third party involvement and the market demand. Developing from scratch is much more difficult than using a template, but more secure and customizable. The more third party/plugin involvement, the easier the development process and therefore the cheaper it gets. What makes a website expensive is more to the function instead of the design, because web design is fairly easy.

How to claim the lowest price guarantee?

Please contact our customer support and provide the project details as well as the pricing of other developers. We are always 10% cheaper than others for the same project. We allocate our budget more to the production instead of ads.

Can we combine WordPress with JAMstack?

Yes, WordPress recently launched headless CMS setup for JAMstack project. It's basically a JAMstack site with WP user interface. If you're already familiar with WP UI/UX, but want the performance of JAMstack, this option might be for you.

How long the development process will be?

WordPress: 3-7 days. JAMstack: 14-60 days. Mobile App: 30-60 days. Content Writing / editing: 3 hours / 1000 words. Graphic Design: 2-3 hours / photo or 20 minutes / video footage minute. SaaS project varies between 1 month to 12 months based on the complexity and module quantity.

Where to transfer the payment?

We accept payment through bank transfer to BCA (014) 5271661011 - PHILOSHOP DIGITAL PARTNER, PT. or paypal: payment@philo.shop.